Honorable Theresa A. Robichaux

Clerk of Court



For a video slideshow of the history of the Terrebonne Parish Courthouse, you can Click Here to view full screen.

The first official courthouse was built in 1829 and was a one-story wooden building located at what is now present day Bayou Cane.  Houma officially became the parish seat on May 10, 1834.

In 1836 a courthouse was built at a cost of $3,500.00.  It was a one story brick building located between Main and School St., but was torn down in 1876.  The construction of a new courthouse was begun in 1860, but came to a halt and abandoned when the Civil War began.  Many Union soldiers would stop there to rest their horses.  After the war, work began again and the courthouse was completed in 1875.

The completed structure was a two story red brick building at the location of the present-day courthouse.  An addition was added to the structure in 1892 and it remained in use until 1937.

Construction of the current Terrebonne Parish courthouse was begun on May 10, 1937, and completed on June 28, 1938.  Dedication of the structure was held on August 28, 1938.

Festivities for the dedication included the laying of the cornerstone, music concert, softball games, and plenty of refreshments.  Tours of the new building were conducted, which included rides in the new elevator. A street dance in the evening concluded the event.

The courthouse was designed according to Greek architecture and is made of Indiana limestone with Georgia granite steps.  The inside of the courthouse has terrazzo walls and floors and is outlined with Tennessee marble.

The courthouse is a four story structure with an underground basement built at a cost of $365,000.00.  Through grants, the Public Works Administration furnished $139,000.00 of the total costs.

Today, fourteen of the original twenty-four live oaks planted in the courthouse square in 1888 still remain.  Three were dug up to make room for the present day courthouse and some possibly destroyed by lightening or removed for walkways throughout the square.

Air conditioning was installed in the courthouse in 1975; the same year the courthouse annex was attached to the main structure via a walkway over School St.

In 1938, the newly constructed courthouse housed most local government offices including the Clerk of Court, a single Judge and his staff, the Sheriff and the jail, the City Court, the Registrar of Voters, the Office of Veteran’s Affairs, and the State Police.

Presently, all of the Clerk of Court’s offices are located within the main building with the exception of the Marriage License and Birth Certificate Dept., Appeals, Jury, Passports, and Elections offices.  Those are located in two off-site locations within yards of the courthouse.  The only others located in the building are two of the five District Judges and their staffs and courtrooms, along with five Court Reporters.